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ProHeart 6

Do you have a hard time remembering to give monthly heartworm prevention?

Is it a struggle getting your dog to take it?

Introducing: ProHeart 6 

Heartworm prevention made easy! It's an injectable heartworm preventative, administered every 6 months by your veterinarian. 

Heartworm disease is serious. We all try to be vigilant with prevention. But, it can be difficult to remember to give it every month. And, let's face it, some dogs just refuse to take their medication, even if you wrap it in bacon... (this method is NOT approved by your veterinarian!) 

Just like your pet's yearly vaccinations, the ProHeart 6 injection is given under the skin. And, just as we do for vaccinations, we'll send you a reminder when your injection is due. Let us mark the calendar for you!

1 Injection = 6 Months of Prevention & Peace of Mind

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